🃏 Johnno McDonno & Super Marie

Jonno McDonno & Super Marie

Falls in Love..

Johnno McDonno doesn't speak, but he can sing. Part physical theatre, part Japanese gameshow, and part romantic comedy, Johnno McDonno Falls in Love is about one clown's journey to win the heart of the girl of his dreams. Introducing Super Marie, the International, irresistible, muscular, multilingual, sensational spinning, pop-locking, professional plumbing queen! This show is fun for the whole family! You will be seduced, you will be confused, and you will be totally amused as you fall in love with these two lovable lovebirds. They sing, they dance, and they make the romance. There is no English dialogue, but love is a universal language, and this dynamic duo are fluent in it! 

"An emotive force, conveying most of the human experience through mime and song." ★★★★½ Fringefeed, 2021