🇬🇧 Britingo!

Essentially bingo but buzzed up. We play three rounds of bingo with the audience and it's Britain centric. It's very interactive, there's sing alongs, there's spot prizes, there's crowd surfing (when COVID rules allow it). The numbers are generated on stage and musical cues are played through a custom old style phone that is programmed to output sound cues when dialled with the right number. It's very silly, but very fun.

You’re meant to be a little tipsy, having a great night on a weekend and just enjoying "Fringe letting your hair down. The hosts of Britingo were exceptionally engaging and the audience interaction was perfect. We never quite knew what to expect, besides there would be numbers" ★★★★ (Perth Happenings)

"Fresh and cheeky. Who knew Bingo could be so much fun?" ★★★★☆ (Fourth Wall)